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Mountain Pregnancy Center is a free pregnancy center in Crestline, California. We provide compassionate care for pregnancy. If you think you may be pregnant or you are considering abortion, we’re here to help. Confidential services, offered at no cost to you – no insurance needed.

We also provide support to teens facing an unplanned pregnancy in San Bernardino County.


Pregnancy Test

I Think I'm Pregnant

Think you’re pregnant? Learn about early symptoms of pregnancy and when you should take a pregnancy test.

Abortion Information

I want an abortion

Are you pregnant and considering abortion? Learn about abortion methods, costs and what to do next.

Unplanned Pregnancy Support for Men

Support for Men

Once she’s missed a period, everything can change fast. Learn how you can be supportive and what to do next.

Free Pregnancy Center Services

Mountain Pregnancy Center

Our mission is to provide professional & honest services to those facing pregnancy decisions.

Mountain Pregnancy Center provides free pregnancy service and information on abortion in Crestline, California. Unplanned pregnancy comes with a rush of thoughts and feelings.

No matter your situation, our caring team is here to help! We invite you to contact us to discuss your situation, ask questions, or to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

Think you’re pregnant? We offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasound* to confirm pregnancy. *Eligibility applies.

Pregnant and not sure what to do? Learn about your options and what to expect next. Get the information you need.

Our free classes help you lay a foundation for successful parenting. Get the support and resources you need.

Are you a guy facing an unplanned pregnancy? Learn how you can be supportive and what to do next.

STIs/STDs can be a serious concern. Left untreated, infections can cause damage to your reproductive system.

Earn free gently used maternity clothes, baby clothes, and baby equipment. We also give away diapers, wipes and formula.

After not being able to get an appointment, with an OB, until 2 months out a relative recommended Mountain Pregnancy Center. They quickly had me go in for an ultrasound and continued to schedule me to be seen to make sure the baby was doing good until I could make it in for an appointment with my OB. They were very sweet and informative during all my appointments. I truly appreciate them, as they gave me peace of mind in knowing how my baby was doing. If you don’t know where to start or where to go, I strongly recommend reaching out to them as they can help guide you down the right path.

I am a teen mom who is just 15 years old with a five month old. I found out about the Center when I first found out I was pregnant and questioning my decisions, not sure what I was going to do. They not only helped me with blessing me with baby items, but also with a group of women who love and cared for me and still do! This center is full of love and happiness and is here to help you. It is beyond amazing that they have a place like this up here that can help moms and children that are in need. I love everything and everyone here.

The pregnancy center is amazingly helpful and a judgment free zone. I’ve enjoyed getting to know everyone there and have been super thankful for all of their help. I even had a pregnancy test done through them and it didn’t take up too much time. They are a godsend.

When I went to the Center I was struggling. Life was really hard. I was pregnant and didn’t know how I would afford to have my baby. I didn’t have money to buy a single thing for my baby. So, a friend brought me to the Pregnancy Center. The volunteers at the center immediately offered resources where I could get additional help and they gave me lots of wonderful things for my baby such as a bassinet, swing, breast pump, diaper bag, baby clothes, blankets, toys and lots of other baby items. I was nervous about caring for my baby so I did their Earn While You Learn program and earned a brand new car seat and stroller. They also gave me lots of diapers and wipes. I honestly don’t know what I would of done without them. I’ve referred lots of people to Mountain Pregnancy Center because I know they really care and will make every effort to help them.

I would recommend the pregnancy center to anyone because the ladies are extremely friendly, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and compassionate. The center is extremely welcoming and open to all of your needs. I have only had great experiences with this center.

We have all had those times in life where we literally just sit there and think, “what am I going to do?” That was me 8 months pregnant learning my husband lost his job. It was then I felt that sense of panic. I did my own research online to see if there were programs in my area that could help. Upon my search, I found Mountain Pregnancy Center. I called and was greeted so politely and was told please come in our office we will be waiting for you. I grabbed my shoes and hurried over there. As soon as I got there the help was endless. I walked in with so much anxiety, so much panic and uncertainty. Within minutes all of that just flew out the door. I felt as if I was at home. Teresa, is the woman who accepted me with arms wide open. She gave me her time. She allowed me to vent, she sat and listened. I left the center with my car packed of everything I needed for my baby. I cannot thank Mountain Pregnancy Center enough for all they did for me and my family. They were amazing. I would totally recommend it to every women expecting. It is important to have an excellent support system, and this center is just that! 

When I found out I was pregnant last spring I was in between insurance companies. MTN Pregnancy Center helped me get a blood test and my first ultrasound. The ladies were so warm and friendly they made me feel at ease. They gave me the sweetest new mommy basket and had an endless amount of information for me. I would 100% recommend them! 

The first time I walked through those doors I could already feel that both my unborn baby and I were so loved. Mountain Pregnancy Center not only gave me emotional support, but also provided me with everything I would need to welcome Olivia into this world. It was through the women who run this program that taught me that you don’t ever have to be alone. I now realize how if I had never gone there I wouldn’t have so easily known what the HOW was in this puzzle. Mountain Pregnancy Center would be HOW I’d be able to clothe my baby, HOW I’d feed her if I couldn’t breast-feed, HOW I’d know the tips and tricks to soothe her, and most important HOW precious she is! Olivia was born January 1st. She is everything good and everything I couldn’t imagine the world without.

Know your options. Be educated.